Designers Debate Club

DDC San Francisco Chapter / Session 1 / June 10, 2015

The motion to be debated:

“Design can change the world.”

Harbinger of a rising creative class, ushering in a brave, new, well-kerned world. You — setter of type, master of margins, guru of grids, molder of worlds — you are designer!

Design has gained respect as an essential element in getting things done, moving things forward, and making the world work better. But is it the meat in the recipe, or merely the spice? Can we, like Atlas, carry the world on our shoulders, or are we destined to drop this ball?

Truth will out! Come join the proceedings as our panel of practioners, pros, and pundits duke it out in an effort to answer this ultimate question: Can design change the world?

When and Where:

Wednesday, June 1oth @ 7:00pm
@ Airbnb
888 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA

Moderated by

Joshua Topolsky

Editor of Bloomberg Digital

Editor (Bloomberg Digital), Cofounder (The Verge), reformed music producer (spacecore eurotrance dance metal), lover of creepy movies (Disney’s Frozen).

Arguing For The Motion

Enrique Allen

Cofunder/Director at Designer Fund

Enrique wakes up everyday to help designers succeed: he invests in design leaders like Stripe, Zenpayroll, Altschool, Omada Health, Storehouse, and Framer and literally built a Bridge connecting designers and growing companies. If you want to fight, he'll invite you to meditate and drink tea until he wins.

Daniel Burka

Design Partner at Google Ventures

Daniel’s name is synonymous with product design. He helped define the genre as creative director of Digg, then as creative lead at Tiny Speck (Glitch) and cofounder of product incubator Milk Inc (Oink). He now is spreading that hard-won wisdom across a portfolio of companies. He’s battle-worn but always ready for another fight.

Jon Lax

Co-founder of Teehan+Lax

As leader of Teehan+Lax, Jon led a team that set new standard for interaction and digital product design. Originally hailing from Toronto, he has recently imported his unique brand of design thinking to the US, joining Facebook as Design Director where he is affectionately known as ‘The Beast From The East’.

Arguing Against The Motion

Jennifer Daniel

Illustrator, Editor, Extraordinaire

Recognized illustrator, educator (SVA), art director, visual journalist (NYTimes), and wordsmith. The queen of mean, the insult sultan, the royal rabble-rouser, the lord of libel, the emperor of aspersions, the potentate of pillory — Jennifer will stare you down, rough you up, and roll over you with rhetoric.

Marc Hemeon

Co-Founder of North

Formerly of Youtube and Google, Mark has always been a prolific maker: creating fflick (acquired by Google), cofounding North, writing, advising, painting, and, of course, debating. While you were forming your arguments, Marc already refuted that argument in shakespearean prose, shot it on 35mm film, posted it on Youtube, and got half a million likes.

Joel Beukelman

Founder of Balance Podcast

As host of The Balance Podcast, Joel is the arbiter of equity, fairness, and justice. He secretes unadulterated, pure passion for all things related to mobile design, bull terriers, tattoos, and folk metal. He is all about zen, but when it comes to debate he can roll up his sleeves and take you to task.

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