Designers Debate Club

DDC New York Chapter / Session 2 / Nov. 30, 2012

The motion to be debated:

“Lean start-up methods prevent designers from solving big-picture design problems.”

Design process is getting faster. Is there wisdom in being the deliberate old tortoise, or are you being left in the dust? Are the design hares speeding to victory or are they poised for a disastrous misstep?

The issue will be settled once and for all by the power of rhetoric and reason! Lords of Lean, espousers of efficiency, worshippers of speed — come raise your banners in battle with a brigand of blue sky brand builders. All are welcome. But be warned, you may be swayed.

When and Where:

Sorry, this debate has already ended!

Moderated by

Cameron Koczon

Co-Founder of Fictive Kin & Brooklyn Beta

Cameron is the fearless founder behind Fictive Kin (a shop of designers and developers building radness) and Brooklyn Beta (a conference for people that love to make things).

Arguing For The Motion

Anthony Casalena

Founder & CEO, Squarespace

Anthony is a fearless and fiery founder, leading a 100+ strong team of developers, designers, and operators to build creative tools to power the future of the web. Don't be charmed by his smile — his breath is brisk but his rhetoric burns.

Randy Hunt

Creative Director, Etsy

Randy leads a team of designers that build online products and offline experiences for the independent maker community. He designs, codes, and builds, but come Nov. 30th, he will destroy.

Jill Nussbaum

Executive Director of Product and Interaction Design, The Barbarian Group

Jill is in love with the future and spends her time making it. She leads teams building digital experiences that make people's lives awesomer. She has seen the future, and in it she is the DDC All Time Pro-am Global Grand Champion.

Arguing Against The Motion

Kim Bost

Sr. Product Designer, Etsy

As a former interaction designer at the NYTimes and freelance branding designer at Pentragram, Kim's career has defied definition. Yesterday, branding and interaction design; today, product design; tomorrow, space ships and hover boards. Who's the bost?

Aaron Carámbula

Independent Design Master

Aaron is a 9 foot tall, five-armed creative beast: Creator (Friends of Type), former Co-Founder (Objective Subject), recent Creative Director (Lore), kickstarted Culinarista (Remedy Quarterly) and community leader (AIGA/NY Board Member). Debaters beware.

Mike Karnj

CEO & Co-founder, Skillshare

Before founding Skillshare, Mike led a product team at Hot Potato (acquired by Facebook) and studied creative process / built products to help creatives get $#!+ done at Behance. He will put you in an intellectual sleeper hold and make you cry "uncle".

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