Designers Debate Club

DDC New York Chapter / Session 3 / Feb. 13, 2013

The motion to be debated:

“Formal design education is necessary for practicing designers.”

So you spent 2-4 years of your life dabbling in "experimental" typography, producing faux packaging for high-end artisanal ramen (while subsisting on the low-end stuff), and pumping out unsolicited rebrands that would make any stodgy corporation look like a post-war era retro dream—and you got the portfolio to prove it.

Everyone is looking for a leg up, a workaround the mediocre middle. Is a formal design education the best way to get there?

Practitioners, professionals, thinkers, scholars. Hustlers, hackers, bootstrappers, ballers. It's time to bring your A-game and settle the score. Is it the dawn of the DIYers, the age of self-taught talent? Is design education outdated, outmoded? Or does a formal design education still make the grade?

When and Where:

Sorry, this debate has already ended!

Moderated by

Scott Stowell

Proprietor of Open & instructor at Yale and SVA.

Arguing For The Motion

Alice Twemlow

Co-founder of SVA's D-Crit MFA

Educator (SVA), essayist (Design Observer and elsewhere), and author (What is Graphic Design For?), Alice is all walk when she brings her scholarly A-game. Born British and ready to brawl, Alice writes almost as mean as she debates.

Matteo Bologna

Founding Partner & Principal, Mucca Design

The only thing more intimidating than Mucca's body of work is the man behind it: Italian-born, New York City-based powerhouse Matteo Bologna. When he steps on the debate floor, Matteo commands with the deafening authority of an imperial ruler.

Abbott Miller

Partner, Pentagram

No one chiller, idea distiller, industry pillar, serial thriller, the occasional whiskey swiller, and (debaters beware) rhetorical killer. (and thanks for being our last minute auditorium filler).

Arguing Against The Motion

Able Parris

Associate Design Director, Big Spaceship

Brooklyn based interactive designer, art director, and artist, Able is even more impressive than his movie-star quality name. His mohawk-ish mop regrows at twice the rate of a normal mans — neither rhetoric nor razor can keep him down.

Peter Vidani

Design Director, Tumblr

Peter is the deft designer behind much of what Tumblr is today. His pixel-craft passes through the hands of millions of users a day, making the world a better place, one cat GIF at time. He will subdue his opponents with his pupil-less glare.

Kate Proulx

Designer, Huge

Kate is a Brooklyn-based designer currently crafting large-scale media projects at HUGE. She teaches interaction design part-time at Parsons. Kate will chew you up and spit you out before you even learn how to pronounce her last name.

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