Designers Debate Club

DDC New York Chapter / Session 6 / Oct. 8, 2014

The motion to be debated:

“Design is self expression.”

You delicate flower. You precious, creative soul. Your mouse is your muse. Your grid is your guide. Your software is your soul. You are Designer!

Is there room for self expression in design? Is the designer’s voice an essential element? Or does the nature of design demand that the hand of the designer be invisible, that the voice be purely empathetic? That the designer recede, get out of the way, and make nothing their own?

Truth will out! Come join the proceedings as our panel of practitioners, pros, and pundits duke it out in an effort to answer this ultimate question: Is design self expression?

When and Where:

Wednesday, Oct. 8th @ 6:30pm
@ The Invisible Dog
51 Bergen St. Brooklyn, NY

Moderated by

Scott Stowell

Proprietor of Open & instructor at Yale and SVA.

Scott is the is a master balancer: running a design practice while educating up-and-coming design talent at Yale and SVA. But at debate club he bucks the balance in favor of rhetorical firepower. He is the non-moderate moderator. He is not impartial; he’s arguing against both sides.

Arguing For The Motion

Joe Marianek

Partner, Small Stuff

Joe teaches at SVA and recently co-founded the design firm Small Stuff. He has made a lot of stuff, including the contacts icon in your new Apple iPhone...yes, that's a silhouette of his big head. He believes that designers can make a positive impact as co-authors of work by elevating their voice and point-of-view.

Randy Hunt

Creative Director, Etsy

Randy leads a team of designers that build online products and offline experiences for the independent maker community at Etsy. He leads, he designs, he codes, he builds, and come Oct. 8th, he will destroy.

Jessica Hische

Letterer, Illustrator, Crazy Cat Lady

Jessica is a living legend that has no shortage of strong opinoins on the industry and her craft. Behind the kindness and charm, there is a dark and dangerous debater ready to kern the unsightly space between rhetoric and reality.

Arguing Against The Motion

Elle Luna

Designer & Artist

Elle is a triple threat designer, writer, artist. Next week she achieves the coveted "quad-threat" status by adding "deft debater" to her list of credentials. Jumping effortlessly between design (Mailbox, Uber, Medium), art (check out her latest) and writing (read this!), she keeps her audience and her opponents on their toes."

Cap Watkins

Sr. Design Manager at Etsy

Cap is as prolific a word-smith as he is a wireframer. He thinks, he makes, he thinks about making, then writes it all down. While he’s not gettin’ $%&# done at Etsy, he's hiding trade secrets in his full and glorious beard.

Aaron Carambula

Product Designer, Typographer

Aaron is a 9 foot tall, six-armed creative beast: Product Designer (Facebook), Creator (Friends of Type), former Co-Founder (Objective Subject), recent Creative Director (Lore), kickstarted Culinarista (Remedy Quarterly) and community leader (former AIGA/NY Board Member). Debaters beware.

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