Designers Debate Club

DDC New York Chapter / Session 1 / Oct. 11, 2012

The motion to be debated:

“All web designers must learn to code.”

To code or not to code? The fate of your career might hinge on answering that very question. Or it might not.

The issue will be settled once and for all by the power of rhetoric and reason! HTML haters, developer devotees, code enthusiasts, print aficionados, quarrel baiters, arguers, bystanders, fence-sitters. All are welcome. But be warned: you may be swayed.

When and Where:

Sorry, this debate has already ended!

Moderated by

Jeremy H. Fisher

CEO of Wander

Arguing For The Motion

Cameron Koczon

Co-Founder of Fictive Kin & Brooklyn Beta

Cameron is the fearless founder behind Fictive Kin — a shop of designers and developers building radness — and Brooklyn Beta — a conference for people that love to make things. An opinionated aesthete and futurist, he will put you in his pipe and smoke you.

Allan Yu

Lead Designer at Svpply

Allan is a New York based product designer at Svpply (now eBay), the amazing social shopping service. He is a lover of iPhones, warm sweaters, R&B, minimalist, and books about love. He recently cut several inches from his beautiful mane and lost most of his powers.

Jon Troutman

Lead Product Designer at General Assembly

Jon is the lead product designer at General Assembly. After working as an art director in social good branding, he moved to New York and trained himself as a front end developer. Last weekend he won 1400 tickets at Chuck E. Cheese's and made 3 kids cry.

Arguing Against The Motion

Andy Mangold

Co-Founder, Friends of the Web

Andy is co-founder of Friends of the Web, the Baltimore based studio making good things for your screen and pocket. He writes on his personal blog and talks design On The Grid, a podcast about the world and design. He has an iron constitution, and steel-toed wits.

Matias Corea

Co-Founder & Creative Director, Behance

Matias started his career doing print and branding, and later moved his focus to interaction design as co-founder of Behance. He is passionate about electronic music, architecture, logic, beauty, and expression. He speaks four languages: Spanish, English, Design, and Jazz Sax.

Keenan Cummings

Co-Founder & Creative Director, Wander

Keenan is a traditionally trained print/branding designer that recently converted to building things for the web as the co-founder and creative director of Wander. He writes about design and work on Field Study. He is working up the courage to wear a full-bodied mustache.

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