Designers Debate Club

DDC New York Chapter / Session 4 / Oct. 1, 2013

The motion to be debated:

“Designers should lead companies.”

Designer's have long been asking for a seat at the executive table. These days, any credible board room is well stocked with c-suite level creatives (CMO, CCO, CDO); but now we want the throne!

The Designer/CEO is the business world's latest mutation. Will it prove unviable, only to whither and die? Is this a new species built to thrive in a creative economy? Or has the designer's DNA always been an essential piece of executive success?

Come watch as our panel of pros, practitioners, and pundits have it out. Will the design industry be a fertile training ground for next gen creative execs or should designers stick to what they do best and leave the business to the MBAs?

When and Where:

Tuesday, Oct. 1st @ 6:30pm
@ Fashion Institute of Technology
Haft Auditorium 7th Ave & 27th Street

Moderated by

Debbie Millman

Sterling Brands

Dually serving as President of Design at Sterling Brands and as a voice for the graphic design industry, Debbie is thoughtful, informed, and nothing if not judicious. Debbie will keep the proceedings prompt, the fight fair, and the debate dignified.

Arguing For The Motion

Tina Roth Eisenberg

a.k.a. SwissMiss

You know her as SwissMiss, the mind behind the CreativeMornings event series, creator of TeuxDeux (the beautifully handy to-do app), and founder of Tattly (a "designy temporary tattoo shop"). But don't be deceived by the friendly demeanor — she has come from Brooklyn ready to battle. This Swiss is anything but neutral.

Craig Shapiro

GOOD Magazine, Collaborative Fund

Former President of Good Magazine, now funder of good things as founder/CEO of Collaborative Fund. Craig is all about celebrating and enabling the creative class and creating a collaborative future. He has an eye for what is to come, and he confidently foresees himself winning this debate.

Charles Adler

Co-founder/Creative Director, Kickstarter

As confounder of Kickstarter, Charles built and led a world-class design team that empowers creators to bring their work to life. He is an opinionated leader, a sharp creative, and an avid cyclist. He will be taking a brief break from kickstarting projects to kick some @$$ on the Designers Debate Club stage.

Arguing Against The Motion

Rick Webb

Founder of Barbarian Group / Investor

Since co-founding Barbarian Group, Rick has gone on to make his mark on the design and tech scene in New York and Beyond. He's done time as a consultant at Tumblr, partner at Quotidian Ventures, CEO of a Williamsburg Coworking space, and, it is rumored, on Rikers Island (where he led a Detainees Debate Club). He debates dirty, prison yard style.

Gadi Amit

President, New Deal Design

Gadi has collaborated with an impressive roster of clients, and garnered enough awards to fill an Ikea showroom. He is a big proponent of working with your hands; for designing beautiful objects or making intimidating gestures at opposing debaters. Watch out for the pointer finger of incontrovertibility.

Jay Parkinson, MD+MPH

CEO/Co-founder, Sherpaa + futurist doctor

Jay has been changing things up in Health Care since founding Hello Health, The Future Well, and, most recently, Sherpaa. His work is a polyamorous marriage of simple science, smart design, and entrepreneurial drive. He can spot an unhealthy argument from a mile away, and you don't want his diagnosis.

Sponsored by

AIGA/NY & Fast Company

This session of DDC is a proud preamble to the FastCo Innovation By Design Conference

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