Designers Debate Club

DDC New York Chapter / Session 5 / Oct. 8, 2013

The motion to be debated:

“Design can change the world.”

Harbinger of a rising creative class, ushering in a brave, new, well-kerned world. You — setter of type, master of margins, guru of grids, molder of worlds — you are designer!

Design has gained respect as an essential element in getting things done, moving things forward, and making the world work better. But is it the meat in the recipe, or merely the spice? Can we, like Atlas, carry the world on our shoulders, or are we destined to drop this ball?

Truth will out! Come join the proceedings as our panel of practioners, pros, and pundits duke it out in an effort to answer this ultimate question: Can design change the world?

When and Where:

Tuesday, Oct. 8th @ 6:30pm
@ The Invisible Dog
51 Bergen St Brooklyn, NY

Moderated by

Michael Bierut

Partner in the NY office of Pentagram

Partner at the legendary Pentagram and co-founder of Design Observer. Michael has earned his stripes (and the respect of an industry) as creative and critic. With the moxie of a long-time New Yorker and the judiciousness of a native Ohioan, Michael is sure to be equal parts fair and feisty.

Arguing For The Motion

Scott Belsky

Co-founder & Head of Behance

Since co-founding Behance, the leading online platform for showcasing creative work, Scott's impact on the design world is undebatable. He leads by day and stays up at night writing books, planning conferences, and practicing his unique debate style in front of the mirror ("the rain in spain falls mainly on the ... pow!").

Cameron Koczon

Co-Founder of Fictive Kin & Brooklyn Beta

Cameron is the fearless founder behind Fictive Kin (a shop of designers and developers building radness) and Brooklyn Beta (a conference for people that love to make things). Having both argued and moderated in previous debates, on Oct 8th Cameron returns in full-force — this time on his home field.

Angie Lee

Founder, Olivehues Advisory & Consulting

Angie is a powerhouse of positioning, a crafter of concepts, and a master of metaphors. Over the past decade her brand and marketing mettle has been tested and proven at the likes of General Assembly, IDEO, HarperCollins, Teach For America, and more. Be advised: behind that smile she is secretly strategizing your imminent defeat.

Arguing Against The Motion

Paul Sahre

Godfather of Graphics

Guilty of aesthetic infidelity, as promiscuous with his style as he is prolific, Paul does it all: book covers, illustration, branding, writing, teaching, and rocket ships. He is a deep well of design knowledge — get too close and he is apt to throw you down it.

Timothy Goodman

Designer, Illustrator, Educator, Heartthrob

Tim is a manhandler of language and ideas. His experiential design approach was cultivated during his time at Collins and ripened while working in-house at Apple. His lettering and illustrations have graced the pages (and several covers!) of iconic publications. Beware the school-boyish looks and the cheshire cat smile — this man shows his opponents no mercy.

Charles Adler

Co-founder/Creative Director, Kickstarter

As co-founder of Kickstarter, Charles built and led a world-class design team that empowers creators to bring their work to life. He is an opinionated leader, a sharp creative, and an avid cyclist. He will be taking a brief break from kickstarting projects to kick some @$$ on the Designers Debate Club stage.

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